Well E3 is upon us and being the lazy shit that I am I’m just going to steal all the info from other websites. Well, the ones that I like anyhow.

And yes I’m only going to report on the games I like, so don’t expect any talk of how utterly dull & pointless all the forthcoming Kinect games look.

“THQ hinted at the sequel to Vigil Game’s breakout hit almost immediately after the success of the first title, but we knew little about Darksiders II until now.

Fans of the first Darksiders are already familiar with Vigil’s fiction – the eternal war that rages between the forces of Heaven and Hell. With Darksiders II, Vigil looks to deliver a richer experience as players explore more dungeons, talk with a variety of NPCs, and experiment with a detailed loot system. The horseman War has been sidelined, so it’s up to his brother, Death, to travel through the world of the Abyss and attempt to restore humanity after its destruction during the Apocalypse.

Source: Gameinformer


So, not only are we definitely getting another Darksiders, (the first was excellent and, quite frankly, you’re a gimp if you haven’t played it), we get to play as Death this time around.