And how exactly are Activision going to, as Chacko Sonny, head of Elite developer Beachhead Studios put it, ‘pay back fans’?

By charging them for Call of Duty Elite, a community service that collates COD players’ careers across all editions of the FPS.

“We have the best online community in the world and we owe it to them to offer an experience that will not only anticipate their needs but will keep getting better and better every single day,”  said Chacko in a recent interview.

Yes you read that correctly. Activision are rewarding its fans by charging them even more money for a pointless service.

The biggest joke?  The Elite beta saw more than 2 million gamers sign up in two weeks.

I almost admire Activision for blatently taking advantage of their fanbase if they’re this fucking dense.

As for Call of Duty having ‘the best online community in the world’?

No, not really. Unless that community is judged on cheating fucktards and obnoxious, racist American teenagers telling everyone how they “won World War II and if it weren’t for them we’d all be speaking German”