What the fuck does that even mean?

Well, lets let Home’s Director, Jack Buser  explain:

“They buy more games than the average PS3 user, they play more games than the average PS3 user. They also watch more movies than the average PS3 user, who is already a highly self-selective consumer,” said Buser.

“We’re talking about rabid consumers of media and hardcore gamers. That’s who these people are.”


Nope, still none the wiser, Jack.  Try again.


“You have users who are spending a tremendous amount of time on the platform, literally spending their lives inside of PlayStation Home,”

“You have other users that are using PlayStation Home as something that they do between games. They’ll have a big game they bought, they beat the game or otherwise get tired of the game, so what do they do with their console between that and the next time they buy a game? They use PlayStation Home.”


I’m curious as to who Sony are trying to convince with this crap. Us, or themselves?