I was lucky enough to get a beta invite for Journey and I can report that it’s bloody fantastic.

If you liked Flower, then you’ll like Journey. It’s completely different to Flower in terms of play, but it’s similar in scope, sound, style and the way you instinctively know what to do with very little instruction.Actually, people who didn’t like Flower will probably get something out of Journey. It’s a little more accessible due to its regular control scheme. You can tilt the pad to pan the camera, but there’s little need to do this when the right stick does a better job.

The art style is stunning. It has shades of Ico, Colossus and Panzer Dragoon mixed in with elements of Hayao Miyazaki’s works, particularly Spirited Away.

The development team are clearly fans of all of the above and were probably influenced a great deal by Moebius who, incidentally was responsible for inspiring the Panzer Dragoon series and many of Miyazaki’s works

Journey is everything that I hoped it would be and it’s a crying shame that it’s  a download only title, as it puts pretty much every disc-based title I’ve played for the last 3-4 years to shame.

Download only titles are definitely getting better and if it gives companies an oppurtunity to offer original games without the monstrous manufacturing overheads, then I suppose it’s a good thing. I do prefer to have a plastic case, disc & manual though. I never feel like I actually own a downloaded title.

I can’t wait until the final game is released and I urge you all to buy it. They might sell more than a dozen copies if we all shout about it.