If you’ve been reading proper videogame news sites over the last couple of days, you will have seen reports of sales slumps across console formats.

Sony’s PS3 sales are dropping (selling 1.8 million units over the last 3 months… when you consider the PS2 is still selling 1.4 million, that’s gotta be ringing some alarm bells), and Nintendo are finally starting to see serious sales declines across the board now that everybody and their dog has a Wii and a DS. Both sold around 3 million in a quarter this time last year and only half of that this year.

Then, of course, there’s the 3DS – Nintendo’s new golden child, which has only sold 770,000 units in the last quarter – enough for Nintendo to pull a Sony and announce a giant price drop.

The question is, though, why is it doing so poorly? I think I have a couple of solid theories.

Has anyone considered that in the eyes of the “Blue Ocean” market that Nintendo fleeced so well for the last 5 years, the 3DS is just another DS – and they’ve already tried to sell them one of those 4 times already. These type of people don’t care about specifications, I think that’s pretty obvious by the amount of Wii units that have been sold. Maybe if they’d named the 3DS the “Nintendo Doublescreen 3D Boy Super Machine”, or another name equally distant from the DS brand that these people already own, they’d be clamouring for the new handheld like slavering gibbons.

Or it could be that Nintendo’s day in the sun is over, and all those people who bought a DS or Wii for Brain Training, Wii Fit, and the like are now bored of their old toys, don’t want another games console, and looking for the next fad bandwagon to jump on like the brainless sheep they are…. Take your pick.

I’m kind of hoping it’s the latter. Wouldn’t it be nice to have our hobby back?