More goings on with the struggling retailer…

Even though the UK launch of the PSVita went pretty much without a hitch a few industry eyebrows were raised as embattled retailer GAME admitted, (in light of not stocking any of Ubisoft’s PSVita titles and canceling all The Last Story customer pre-orders ), that they are unable to stock a lot of new titles.

What’s more interesting, however, in an interview early today with Eurogamer, Group Marketing Director for GAME, Anna-Marie Mason left many a gamer scratching their heads.

Who was this company she was talking about? It certainly wasn’t the one we’ve come to know…

Here’s a few choice moments from the interview, which yes I’m going to dissect.


Anna-Marie Mason on why GAME can’t/won’t get stock: 

There’s no one specific reason. There isn’t one specific catch-all reason.

Um yes there is – you’re broke. Having worked in retail myself for quite some time I’m fully aware that suppliers etc are unwilling to provide goods for business without any credit insurance.


We do endeavour to give our customers the widest possible range, whether it’s GAME, Gamestation, online or in-store.

And so far you have failed in this ‘endeavour’


We can’t stock absolutely everything. That’s just not possible.

True, but as someone who claims to be a specialist you should be stocking more than your competitors, particularly those who also stock vegetables.

Either that or stop claiming yourself as a specialist games store and perhaps, you know, start selling bread & milk.


You can see, there’s a finite amount of space in a store.

Then quit filling up valued space with tones of grubby looking pre-owned games, shovel-ware and 3rd party peripherals nobody wants and make way for more new releases at more competitive prices.


Anna-Marie Mason on gamers who are now afraid to pre-order games with them for fear of GAME cancelling orders at the last minute after the retailer refused to stock several new releases:

Well, we know our customers really well.

Clearly not.


Most of them have a really long history with us, and they know as a business we are absolutely committed to giving the best possible range as much of the time as we possibly can.

But you don’t give the best possible range. This is a fallacy, one that GAME continues to pimp to the mainstream press even though it is out-and-out bullshit.  Both ASDA and TESCO have a wider and more varied range of new titles than GAME, so please stop with this nonsense – it’s not true and hasn’t been for some time now.


Anna-Marie Mason on being more expensive than everywhere else:

In a marketplace like video games, there will always be somebody that’s selling the game cheaper. That’s not what we’re about. We’ve never tried to be, or never wanted to operate like that.

And that’s why you’re going down the shitter.  You don’t understand the very consumers you rely on at all. People just want a bargain, they don’t want to be force fed crap they don’t want or need.


What our customers get from us, whether they shop with GAME or Gamestation, is more than a sterile transaction. They get the opportunity to transact with us in the way they want and they get added value.

Again, customers don’t want to be pounced on the moment they walk through the door. GAME have been pushing this failed business model for as long as I can remember and look where it’s got you – fighting for survival.

And what’s this ‘added value’ you keep harping on about?

Quit hiding the fact that you’re games are more expensive than everywhere else behind buzz-words and business speak that equates to nothing more than corporate clap-trap.


Our customers will vote with their feet.

It would seem the have.


Am I being overly harsh on GAME? Perhaps, and in truth I would love to see GAME become a proper video game store again; one that truly offers a real gaming related experience for its customers, but it’s hard not to get frustrated when you see key members of the business, such as Anna-Marie Mason, continue to delude themselves about their current business model and the relationship they have with their customers.

And anyway, it’s a damn sight cheaper than blowing £300+ on a PSVita plus games and ranting about that…