Having decided to up the amount of mobile gaming I do as a mild distraction during coffee and lunch breaks at my real job I thought it might be worthwhile sharing my findings with you fine people who visit our lovely site.

Of the games I’ve sampled over the course of the last week some have been pretty good, some simply unplayable and others just blatant money-spinners, like my first game, Crime Story.

On the outset Crime Story actually looks quite promising.  An isometric, GTA-esque, point ‘n click with RPG elements.

Crime Story’s premise is simple.  Start at the very bottom of the mobster ladder and climb your way to the top by maiming, killing and robbing everyone who crosses your path on the way up.  Like the aforementioned GTA, advancement is awarded by completing a collection of tasks and missions for various unscrupulous types and as you progress the more your reputation builds the more options will become available to you as well as allowing you to unlock new maps across the city in your endeavour to become Kingpin.  However, this is where the problems begin.



You see in order to complete said tasks and missions you need a constant flow of energy and/or gold/cash, but in order to move proceedings forward more swiftly developer Game Insight International require you to make quite a few micro-transactions.

You can of course avoid such a costly way to play Crime Story by waiting for your mobsters energy bar to refill so you can rob or kill people in order to purchase energy drinks, new weapons, gear  and money, however in the few hours I played it I did more waiting around for my energy bar to re-fill than actual playing and soon the whole thing became a tiresome slog.  I wasn’t about to spunk a load of of my real money on micro-transactions for a game that celebrates the fact that it’s free to download so eventually I threw in the towel.  Pity really as it can be quite enjoyable.


Next up is Imangi Studios’ Temple Run.  This popular reflex game has just made its way onto Android and after just a few goes it’s easy to see why it’s so popular – it’s simple, straight forward and horribly addictive.

Using the touch screen by simply swiping in the relevant direction you have to guide, jump and slide you’re would be adventurer across a series of temple walls closely followed by some ‘demon monkeys’ after ripping off their cursed idol.  Along the way you collect coins which invariably lead to power ups that give you special abilities and the opportunity to even cheat death.



Playing Temple Run reminded me a lot of Pitfall, at least in premise, and once again clearly shows that video games don’t have to be multi-million blockbusters in order to be highly entertaining.

My only concern is that it’s not 100& responsive and you’ll sometimes find your nimble adventurer plunging to his death or running headlong into a tree as your directional command doesn’t register. Hopefully a patch will rectify this minor problem, but as it stands Temple Run is not only surprisingly good fun it’s an absolute bargain at the handsome price of £0.00.


I downloaded The Sims Freeplay as a mild curiosity simply because it was free, and while not being a fan of the series as a whole I was pleasantly surprised at how accomplished it actually is.

The last time I played The Sims was on the PC original where I spent most of my time starting fires and making prank calls to the authorities.  My time with Freeplay saw me dick around in much the same manner and subsequently my enjoyment soon waned, nevertheless seeing the game successfully transported into a neat little package on Android then given away for free did warrant a nod of respect from yours truly.



The game is incredibly detailed for an Android game and along with a bundle of options, tasks, events and accessories to tinker, buy and prat around with you can also create a full 16 Sims in total and have them get up to all kinds of weird shit. Well, weird if your anything like me.

So, if you’re not a fan yourself but know someone who is, (perhaps a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or pet cat?),  then I would highly recommend pointing them in its direction.


Finally we have The World of Magic, an MMORPG from COM2US.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay in game for much more than a couple of minutes at a time, and during that time it was unresponsive and glitched as hell.

I thought it might be the ropey Wi-Fi connection at work, but on trying it with my usually solid connection back home I ran into the same problems.



Rather a shame because by all accounts it’s supposed to be quite good once you get your teeth into it.  If any of you successfully try it let me know what it’s like, yeah?