That’s right folks, the Grand Theft Auto series is now part of an exhibition exploring more than 60 years of British design.

“We’re honored to announce that the Grand Theft Auto series has been selected for inclusion in the Victoria and Albert Museum’s exhibition – British Design 1948–2012: Innovation in the Modern Age. A celebration of UK contributions to the world of art and design in the post-war era, spanning the time period from the 1948 ‘Austerity Games’ to this summer’s Olympic Games in London, the exhibit is running now through August 12th. Representing each Grand Theft Auto title in the franchise and showcasing the innovation of living metropolises and open world gameplay, the exhibit features a commemorative video chronicling the history of the Grand Theft Auto series – and more.”

Source: Rockstar

While I offer my congratulations to Rockstar it won’t stop the press tearing the hell out of GTAV when it’s released and blaming it on everything from angry adolescents kicking kittens to death, child obesity and every world atrocity taking place at the time.

But fuck ’em, it looks great and will sell in its millions.