According to John Carmack and I tend to agree with him.

Developers would much rather take the easy route when making a game and optimising a game engine beyond the bare minimum is a rarity these days.

Besides Turn 10 & ID Software,  it’s really only Japanese devs who bother to implement this frame rate at all.

Come on! All games should be 60fps by now.

Nintendo’s been managing it (99% of the time) since the Gamecube days on hardware that’s woefully underpowered so there really isn’t any excuse.

If some companies can manage it, then any company not implementing an engine capable of 60 fps are either lazy or inept.

Here’s a handy little browser test tool that shows the difference between 30pfs and 60fps (along with lots of other frame rates via the drop down boxes)

Try it and have a play around with it. It might surprise you, especially if your one of the ones that doesn’t seem to be bothered/affected by the fps debate. There’s every chance that you might not notice any differences within the test but you won’t know unless you give it a go.

And yes, it was very hard figuring out what picture to use as a header to this post.