It’s out in Japan on June 13th It’s now been delayed and the release date is unknown. Lets hope Microsoft are taking the comments myself and others have made about including joypad controls on board.

Original post:

It’s basically a new Panzer Dragoon. It’s made by the same people.

It looks bloody amazing.

It’s fucking Kinect only though because Microsoft, in their pig-headedness, won’t add traditional joypad controls to a game that would quite easily accommodate them.

Microsoft are deluding themselves if they think people will buy a Kinect solely for this. The ones that do own a Kinect won’t be interested in this at all because they’re too busy making Han Solo dance around like a cunt.

Come on Microsoft. Child of Eden allowed a proper control scheme so why won’t you do the same?

I’ve even made a petition and everything

please sign it and show your support in any way you can.

Like everything in life, it’ll make absolutely no difference whatsoever, but it’ll at least give us something else to moan like fuck about.

Video and screen shots are below this funny line thingy: