A simple game for simpler times…

Released in 1997, Psygnosis’ Overboard! is a charming little puzzle-cum-adventure game where you take charge of a pirate ship as you make your way from harbour to harbour and claim them for your own.

Gameplay sees you traverse various levels filled with of a series of puzzles, traps and ship-to-ship battles.

While at first it may seem overly simplistic Overboard! soon becomes quite the challenge as you try to maintain a healthy supply of ammo for your two cannon types, (a single forward firing cannon and several broadside cannons), while avoiding enemy fire and the many traps intent on sinking your prized vessel. Along the way you can also pick up a handful of other weapon types that deal far more damage, (like rockets), but these are limited and so it’s advisable to use them sparingly.



Should your ship catch fire you’ll suddenly find yourself up against the clock as your health meter quickly diminishes. It’s at this point that your crew begin to “abandon ship” as you try to find a health boost and/or a check point and douse the flames.

And that’s about it.

For many it may seem hard to imagine putting down forty notes for Overboard! today as it’s stark simplicity wouldn’t be out of place as a lower end XBLA, PSN or Steam title, nevertheless it’s horribly addictive and incredibly good fun so I guess it comes down to what you deem as good value for money.

I certainly don’t regret paying full whack for it all those years ago.