Truth is I simply don’t care enough these days, but for those of you who do here is a summary of Microsoft’s E3 2012.

Halo 4 live action trailer
Halo 4 jungle gameplay
Splinter Cell Blacklist gameplay
FIFA/Madden Kinect voice management
Fable The Journey trailer
Forza Horizon trailer
Gears of War Judgement trailer
Xbox Bing functions
Nickelodeon, Paramount, Michinima, Univision video apps
NBA, NHL, ESPN sports apps
Xbox Music music app ‘Your music, your way’
Nike+ Kinect Training
Xbox SmartGlass for Windows 8, Windows Phone, Android and iOS
Internet Explorer
Tomb Raider gameplay
Ascend: New Gods trailer
Loco Cycle (Twisted Pixel) trailer
Matter trailer
Resident Evil 6 gameplay
Wrecketeer (XBLA Kinect) gameplay
South Park: The Stick of Truth (“Jews can’t be saviors”) trailer
Dance Central 3 (choreography by Usher)
Black Ops 2 gameplay

While I didn’t bother to watch the show myself it would seem that the whole event was a bit of a wash out.

You can view the show in all it’s glory here: Microsoft E3 2012 Press Conference

Anyone fancy covering Sony and Nintendo’s E3 because I really cannot be fucking asked? (*edit* So I did anyway. Theres a few hours of my life I won’t get back)