According to a recent article over at EDGE Online, veteran British developer Charles Cecil is “gearing up to announce Revolution Software’s first wholly original game for eight years – tipped to be Broken Sword 5.”

“We’ve risked the frustration of the fans,” says Cecil. “They know that we’re writing a new game. We’re going to be announcing it with a fanfare.”

At this stage the unannounced title is set to be released digitally for  PC, Mac, iOs and Android, but Cecil – a “huge fan” of Xbox Live marketplace and PlayStation Store – has not ruled out console versions.

Perhaps more interesting is the game will, for the most part,  be moving back to its 2D roots as Cecil felt that something is definitely lost when moving from 2D to 3D.

“When you move to 3D it changes the essence. With 2D the game feels like a classic adventure. But in our next game we will use 3D where appropriate.

“Visually in 2D we can go for a ‘2D look’. Layout artists bend perspective to suit a mood, whereas the 3D camera is literal,” added Cecil.