OUYA, as well as the sound made after getting swiftly kicked in the knackers, is a new, Android-based completely open console currently seeking funding through (where else) Kickstarter.

…And fuck me, if they ain’t getting a whole lot of backing really quickly. $3,159,449 at last check, and they were only asking for $950,000.

The idea of a console that anybody can develop for without going through the hoops of licensing and publishing like Sony, MS, and Nintendo’s platforms is something I think a lot of us can get behind, and harkens back to a time where gaming was dominated by the indie/bedroom coder.

In addition, every unit will ship with the SDK, and is completely hackable without breaking warranty. Perfect for people like me that just can’t leave things well-enough alone.

Questions still remain: Will a $99 Tegra 3 powered unit be enough for power hungry gamers? Will the marketplace be bombed with quickly-programmed trash like “Try not to Fart”, and endless clones of popular titles?

I’ve always thought that if the industry ends up crashing again it will be the indie devs that’ll thrive, and with their own platform to champion we could be seeing the future of gaming, right here.

I think I want one.