BioShock Infinite developer Irrational Games recently posted a job listing for a design manager that requires their past work to have a Metacritic score of no less than 85%

The ad in question on the Gamasutra Job Boards noted under requirements “Credit on at least one game with an 85+ average Metacritic review score.”

Regardless of the fact that many successful, (and in some cases very good games such as Vanquish, Child of Eden, Catherine and Mirror’s Edge), don’t have a score of 85% or above on the very much derided Metacritic, it seems like a very odd move by the developer.

Are they intentionally out to garner derision from the gaming community?

Surely it must have crossed their minds that many a talented developer will be unfairly overlooked as a result of such a ridiculous recruitment process?

“Irrational” Games. How fitting.


*EDIT* It now appears Irrational have removed the “requirement”.