The latest gaff from the developer comes in the form of the in-car view in the up-and-coming Grid 2 – as in there isn’t one.

Yep, according to “research” in-car view is out after Codemasters discovered that 95 per cent of players use chase or bonnet cameras to play.

95% of who, Codemasters? American teenage boys, because that’s clearly who your target audience is  now?

Or is it just plain laziness on your part?

Well whatever the reason, outside the likes of Outrun 2 and Ridge Racer I always use the in-car view with my racing games and being as the in-car view is what made Grid I won’t be wasting my money on Grid 2.

What’s next Codematers, a rally game featuring vehicles that handle like hovercrafts and voice overs by skater dudes? …oh wait, you’ve already done that.

I’ll stick with the classics methinks.