It seems Konami are taking a leaf out of Polytron’s book, (that’s the arseholes behind Fez), by giving the finger to Xbox 360 customers who purchased the Silent Hill HD Collection by refusing to patch frame rate and audio syncing issues that have plagued the game since release.

Konami’s claims the reason behind the decision is down to “technical issues and resources”.

Well we know that’s bollocks because they’ve already released a patch for the PS3 version…

As Online Editor of MCV and angry Fez customer, Ben Parfitt says:

“The fact remains – both Polytron and Konami entered into publishing agreements on Xbox 360 knowing of potential patching costs. It seems hard to excuse their decision to leave consumers who have purchased the game with sub-standard product simply because it would stretch the budget.”

Ben is bang on the money.

Shameful that the industry has now reached the point where this treatment of customers along with a blatant disregard for regulations put in place by UK Trading Standards, (regulations that are there to protect consumer rights),  is considered as acceptable behaviour.