Here is the Xbox Live Marketplace image to Sega’s Shinobi, released on XBLA way back in June 2009.

Notice something out of place in one of the screenshots in the montage? That appears to be Shiva from Streets of Rage kicking somebody who doesn’t belong in the game, either.

Observant regulars at the Streets of Rage Remake forums have discovered the shot comes from a mod for popular DIY fighting engine, Mugen.

Shiva’s opponent in the screenshot? Rick Norton from Jaleco’s Rushing Beat series.

You’ve got to ask yourself: Who’s responsible for this fuck-up? Who makes those covers for XBLA?

Is it some untrained monkey at Microsoft? Was it Sega? Or was it somebody from Digital Eclipse, who were responsible for badly emulating Sega games until earlier this year, when M2 took over the Vintage Collection with far better results.

Even more baffling, how come it’s taken 3 YEARS for somebody to notice?