We all knew the Vita was doing rather badly sales wise, but not quite as badly as was revealed at this years Gamescom.

Since it’s launch in Japan last December and in Europe and America in February of this year, Sony have shifted a rather lowly 2.2m Vita units worldwide.

At the same stage in its lifecycle, PSP had sold 5.05m units and the 3DS 6.68m. DS had shifted 6.65m units and the Game Boy Advance 9.58m.



A high price point and a selection of lacklustre titles have been cited as the cause of the unit failing to get customers to part with their cash, and with very little of real note heading toward the system between now and the first quarter of 2013 it doesn’t look set to improve all that much.

With the PSP Vita, while arguably very impressive, seemingly nosediving into oblivion – and in light of mobile devices taking over handheld gaming etc – perhaps it might actually be in the interest of the already struggling Japanese giant to drop the system altogether rather than continually pour money into the project?