Press release:

“Available from 29 August 2012, PS Vita users will have access to a large number of exciting PS one Classics to complement the great range of PSP and “minis” games already available for PS Vita to enhance the ultimate digital games line-up. PS one Classics coming to PS Vita include titles that gamers have loved for over a decade with all-time favourites such as Metal Gear Solid, Crash Bandicoot and Final Fantasy VII all available to download from  PlayStation Store (PS Store).

With PS Vita System Software update ver. 1.80, PS Vita owners will be able to experience unadulterated nostalgia and play some of their favourite PS one Classics on the portable device. For gamers who have grown up with PlayStation this is a chance for them to experience their favourite games on the ultimate portable entertainment system. Additionally, PlayStation 3 and PSP owners who have previously purchased PS one Classics from PS Store will be able to download and play them on their PS Vita system at no extra charge.

Not only will there be an outstanding variety of content available, there will also be great value. With games available from PS Store from just £0.99, PS Vita owners will be able to get their hands on an amazing range of titles without breaking the bank.”



While this won’t exactly turn the fortunes around for Sony’s struggling handheld, it will certainly come as good news for those who already own a Vita and have been crying out for the option to download their PS1 games bought via PSN.