I fucking hate DRM. Bloody cunting shittery at its very corporate worst. But this is a very different kind of DRM.

I’ve been privileged to have a preview play of Rob Fearon’s upcoming Death Ray Manta, a supercrazyawesomemental arena shooter in the grand tradition of Minter and Fearon himself (if you haven’t played War Twat, then you owe it to yourself to go and do so, immediately.)

Fly around! Shoot stuff! Avoid other stuff! Repeat for enormous high score! The game’s a neon feast for the eyes, and it lends itself quite nicely to writing about in highly excitable sentences that end in exclamation marks!



Rob’s had the exciting idea of allowing the player access to change key variables in the game. Want it faster, slower, tougher? You can do it. Want to change every word in the game to “cunt”? Go right ahead. It’s a neat touch that adds a little sprinkling of joy to a great game.

This little bundle of superneonsplodey mayhem is due to be released very soon. If like me you were brought up on the games of Minter and Jarvis, then you should start getting very excited right about now…