Considering that the majority of PS3 games require mandatory installs, (with some taking up as much as 4-5GB), one has to ask what’s the point as users will have to keep un-installing and re-installing their games, as those with a PS3 know is a tedious process.

Granted Sony is also releasing a separate dedicated 250GB hard drive that can be installed in the machine, although once installed the console’s internal 12GB storage will no longer be accessible.

Also at £185  it’s far too much. With only 12GB of memory, and considering you can now get a PS3 Slim for only a fraction more than that, £99-£120 would have been far more reasonable.

There will be a 500GB version of the Super Slim costing £249.99, but again it’s just far too much given that the next generation is just around the corner and that the Nintendo WiiU is only a month or so away from launch.

I guess Sony still haven’t learned anything from overpricing their products.  With that in mind I’d expect the PS4 to around the £400+ price mark.