What do you get if you combine Gears of War, Modern Warfare, Resident Evil and Scooby Doo?

Resident Evil 6. 

How Capcom have managed to turn one of their best loved series into the colosal shit pile we have here is simply staggering.

I do not exaggerate when I say that Resident Evil 6 feels like it was thrown together by amateurs.

Animations are appalling, the control system is completely borked, the game world isn’t interactive at all – right down to not being able to shoot the glass out of a TV set or see blood spatters from the bodies that lie in crumpled heaps at your feet as you lay round after round into their lifeless corpse.

Even more bizarre is not being actually able to pause the game. Seriously, you cannot pause the game!  What if you need to take a pee, answer the door, or just fancy making a cup of tea? Well, Capcom have decided you can’t.

The list of disappointments just goes on.



Granted, playing through Leon’s section in the demo was a better experience than Chris’, (which quite frankly is like some retarded Gears of War), but on the whole this is truly terrible stuff from Capcom.  In fact the more recent, and not widely praised, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is a far better game than this.

While the PS3 version doesn’t suffer from the reported screen tearing found on the 360 it does have a problem with being too dark. I don’t mean ‘oooh, spooky, scary’ dark, I mean it’s just too dark. You can hardly bloody see anything.

Such a huge disappointment. A badly animated, unplayble, mess of a game that’s clearly been simplified for the mass market .

No, I won’t be reviewing the full game, not unless Crapcom give me a promo copy – and that ain’t happening any time soon.

Based on this demo I would strongly advise against buying Resident Evil 6. Maybe pick it up for a tenner 12 months down the line.