There’s no question that F1 2012 not only looks positively sumptuous, it has also comes with great sound and a very real sense of speed.

However, because Codemasters have of recent chosen to primarily aim their games at the mass market, kids and noobs, F1 2012 won’t let you skip the ‘Young Drivers Test’ which on completion helps in choosing your car, team and difficulty settings for your entry in to the carer mode.

I enjoy a bit of F1, (in fact I play a lot of F1 games), and quite frankly, at nearly 40 and with a video game hobby behind me spanning some 30 of those 40 years, I find it insulting that Codemasters deem me incapable of playing their sparkly new game without first showing me how to drive in a straight line because you know, I’ve never played one of Codemasters racing titles before…oh wait.

I never got past the ‘Young Drivers Test’ simply because I want to play my video games, not be forced down some dreary path whereupon I can only play my game that I paid for with my money on the completion of set of tedious ‘tests’.


Unless you like tests of course.