Last weekend, Virgin Gaming thought it would be a brilliant idea to put QR codes on the arsecheeks of their already scantily-clad booth babes.

This has led to Rupert Loman, Eurogamers MD, from stating that “For future shows we will be issuing formal guidelines – booth babes are not OK”.

There’s no doubt that the QR code gimmick was crass to the extreme, and actively encouraging the great unwashed to take photographs of the girls’ arses is more than slightly creepy.

In fact, at some points, it appeared that some of the models seemed to be taking refuge in the press area in embarrassment.

Shortly after Loman’s announcement, Eurogamer published this little article, courtesy of Rab Florence of Consolevania and Burnistoun fame.


The question remains why Eurogamer let the QR-coded booth girls continue to parade around despite the obvious furore over it across the whole 4 days?

Oh yeah. Virgin were one of the event sponsors.

Source: MCV