It’s a well known fact that Nobody wants Windows 8.

The latest news regarding the awful-looking, un-needed & hugely restrictive OS is that any games with a Pegi rating above 16 will not be sold via the Windows Marketplace.

Sure, you’ll be able to buy a proper physical copy (probably for a lot less money) and play it on your horrible Windows 8 OS but because Microsoft won’t support them officially, they’ll lack Windows 8 integration support and will  likely be less functional with certain Windows features than certified games are.

Of course, Pegi 18 games shouldn’t be supported because they aren’t popular, are they Microsoft?

Modern Warware, Skyrim, Mass Effect 3, The Walking Dead…..etc…..

The only way around this block is if publishers submit censored/toned down versions of their games to Microsoft in order to be certified.

I think Microsoft have massively overestimated their importance within the PC sector.

Cough, Linux, cough, free.

Full story over at MCV

Edit: Microsoft have changed their minds about it all now but Windows 8 still remains a big old pile of shite.