With the recent furore regarding videogame journalism and their relationship with PR, it has become very important to us at Rosetintedgamers.com that you know you can trust us.

During the 18 months or so that our site has been live, we’ve tried to play the PR game with publishers, but it’s become apparent that to gain favour from these people, you have to jump through hoops that we believe are counteractive to what we want to do on our site.

So we thought that we’d print a “code of conduct” that we will do our damn best to adhere to from here on out. Not only for you, the readers, but to hopefully set an example for other gaming blogs out there.



There’s a word that’s been bandied about recently – “churnalism” – the act of blindly posting press releases, trailers, and links with no original content just to keep the post-count up so people don’t forget you’re there. We’re just as guilty as anyone else of doing this in the past.

Now we don’t have delusions of grandeur – we’re not journalists at RTG. We’re just a bunch of like-minded individuals with writing skills and a passion for games… But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t uphold some kind of standard in our news posts.

From now on, if we feel the need to repost a video or press release, we will strive to add to it – a little commentary… something.

No blindly copy-pasting. Leave that shit to Kotaku.

From the beginning we’ve always held the opinion that arbitrary numbers at the end of a review can’t sum up the enjoyment of a particular title, or how good or bad a game is.

This puts at at odds with publishers straight away, as they use the Metacritic average to gauge the quality of their games. If we’re not adding to that average, they are less likely to send us review copies.

Publishers will also from time to time add other “goals” we have to achieve to get a review copy. Goals that we believe we shouldn’t have to adhere to – THQ, for example, will ask us for proof that we’ve done several (positive) articles on the game before they hand out a review copy. Essentially, they’re asking for free advertising. In short: No.

This means the majority of games that we review will have to be self-sourced, and our reviews will come out a little later than your mainstream outlets.

We don’t have huge amounts of cash (so far the Google adboxes we’ve put on the site would barely pay for a round in the pub, let alone our hosting bill or a couple of games), but what we don’t buy we can rent.

If there is a game you want to see us review, tell us! Or, alternatively write one yourself – We are always on the lookout for guest contributions.

Rosetintedgamers has one job, and one job only – and that’s to inform (and hopefully entertain) it’s readers on videogame-related matters. We can do this with or without you.

By all means send us copies of your newest game, but don’t expect anything back apart from an opinion on if it’s worth playing or not… Without a number on the end.
If we ever break these rules, feel free to call us out on it and shout at us in the comments. We’re nothing without our readers, and we’re doing this shit for you.