Hello, I’m Mentski and I’m a giant Street Fighter fan. Don’t believe me? Ask my partner in crime, DaddyBrown – we have a Street Fighter “friendly rivalry” that equals Ryu and Ken. By that I mean I’m constantly beating him down in an attempt to perfect my art as the best fighter in the world.

I have multiple copies of Street Fighter games on multiple formats, art books, DVDs, action figures, statues, the fucking lot. But I ain’t buying Street Fighter V…

The game is for sale for £50. Fifty fucking quid. For an unfinished game. Fuck. That.

All of this is such a complete shame. I’ve played the game and at it’s core it’s pretty good! The fighting engine is everything it should be and I like the new V-trigger system, but I ain’t paying the money they’re asking for what’s currently there. Not a chance in hell.

So, I will be waiting for the inevitable “complete & updated” retail release with all previous DLC unlocked… and if Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, SSFIV, and HSFIV (among others) has taught me anything, it’ll be nearly half the fucking price, too.

What’s that? Capcom aren’t going to do that this time? It’s going to be a base game with DLC add-ons and regular updates only?

Bullshit, Mr Han, man. Seriously: Capcom can say that all they like and I don’t believe it. In fact, the amount of bad fucking press this is getting, it’s inevitable they’ll change their mind because this shit is putting people off buying it, and they’re going to have to claw back goodwill buy saying “The game is complete now! Sorry for being dicks!” in a year when the game finally has all the features it fucking should have. What better way than selling an actual complete collection.

(And to anybody considering it: Don’t bother replying to me and insisting that won’t happen, either – because only a blinkered fucking fanboy would think otherwise. And next year when it does happen… I’ll come back to this post, and your reply, and laugh in your idiot face.)

…And while we’re on the subject of this “You’ll be able to unlock the DLC for free” shit: You can bet your arse it’s going to take a metric fuck-ton of online play to get the “Capcom Coins” you need – Because they aren’t going to want to give that sweet, sweet new content away for free easy.

Outside of a measly hand out from finishing the offensively bare-bone story mode, the earnable currency is only available via online matches. So good luck playing latency-filled games with fucking arseholes all day and night to get that sweet new character, because that’s what’s you’re going to have to do – at least until someone works out how to farm the points via rigged matches, fucking Capcom over.

This is a fucking shambles and a perfect example of the pure greed of today’s videogame industry, and that the Capcom of the past are long, long gone and this is the result of a company that just so happens to have the same name that shits out desperate money-grabs like Resident Evil 6 rather than treating their audience with fucking respect.