That is how much the high street retailer is asking punters for a deposit to ‘secure’ a PlayStation VR, released in October of this year.

Given GAME’s terrible track record of recent concerning pre-orders, (charging customers several times for Mario Maker, continually taking deposits for Fallout 4 Pipboy Edition when they damn well knew they couldn’t meet demand, refusing to refund PS3/Xbox 360 owners after the announcement that BLOPS 3 single player campaign had been removed, etc), I certainly wouldn’t trust them with £100 of my cash, and in truth neither should you.

Lets also not forget that GAME’s share prices crashed at the beginning of 2016 after another woeful Christmas. Now I don’t know how much longer the retailer can hold on, but for arguments sake if GAME were to fold come October your £100 deposit will go straight into the hands of the debtors. Ask yourself, is it really worth the risk?

Even with the deposit there is no guarantee you’ll get one at launch. Even Amazon have issued a statement after it’s PlayStation VR launch allocation sold out in less than 10 minutes and compared to GAME Amazon are pretty good at fulfilling their pre-orders.

“Based on our initial allocation we cannot guarantee release day delivery if you ordered after 11:45 GMT, Wednesday 16 March, 2016.” stated an email to customers from Amazon “You will be notified via email of the expected delivery date closer to the time. We will be fulfilling customer orders in the order in which they were placed.”

Playstation will retail at £349 in the UK, but an additional £40 will be needed if you don’t already own a PlayStation Camera. A bundle deal with both has only been announced for the US at this time.

I’m confident that Playstation VR will deliver some truly unique experiences, but going through those half-arsers at GAME to secure one? Well lets just say, you have been warned…