6 Best Mobile Games of 2017

Mobile games creates a huge name for itself in the department of gaming. With the upcoming new smartphones and android updates, it is just getting greater and greater supporting more realistic and high quality graphics games. Though there are many games out in the market, only few held their position in our smartphones. Let us see 5 best games of 2017.

  1. Ludo King
    ludo kingLudo is a board game, that we used to play during our childhood as a kid along with our friends and families. Now it has hit the smartphones platform, making it available to play along with players around the world. It is a multiplayer game which can be played between 2 to 4 players competing with your friends or people around the world and it can also be played as a single player competing against computer. Every player who is competing in the game is given 4 tokens. To win the game, the players has to make a full travel of the board and the first to reach the start point with all the 4 tokens in place will be the winner. In order to make the movement of the tokens, the player has to roll a dice. The number in the dice decided the number of steps the token moves. It is a great game, to pass your time while you’re traveling along with your friends and families.
  2. Rival Knights
    Rival Knights is a jousting game, where you start as a knight and joust against other rival knights. To taste the victory, it is recommended to improvise the armor, speed of horse, and the strength of the knight. You will joust against the rival knight for 3 rounds, the one to win the maximum number of rounds, will be the winner. After winning, you will be awarded with points which can be used to increase the characteristics and other equipment of horse and the knight. Winning after a several number of knights, you will be meeting the emperor of that land, which you have to joust and defeat him to capture the thrown. The game ends, once you capture all the thrones. Rival Knights can also be played online and compete with other knights around the world, to test your strength. The game has stunning graphics, with slow-motion impacts on the victim who loses, taking the players into whole new level of mobile gaming.
  3. Pokemon GO
    Pokemon GO is a real world game, that interacts with objects located around us. The main objective of the game is to go outside and catch the Pokemon in real world. You can evolve your Pokemon that has been caught using their unique Pokemon points, where each Pokemon has different Pokemon points. This game needs internet and your GPS to be switched on, to track your movements while roaming outside. Once you catch the Pokemon, you can train them in the Pokemon gym that is situated somewhere near your locality and compete with other player’s Pokemon in a battle. You are allowed to join one among the four clans, where all the players around the world will be connected to one another in the clan. You will be rewarded with eggs, which can be incubated so that you get Pokemon from the eggs as well. The incubation process is done by walking a particular distance, each egg has different distance to incubate the egg. Thereby this game makes the players to walk in real life creating a good cause for health.
  4. Hay Day
    Hay Day is a farm game that resembles Farmville, but has better content and script. You will start farming with a small amount of land, planting seeds of plants and trees that gives you cereals and fruits. The harvested fruits and cereals can also be sold to players around the world, making the game a very interesting one. Moreover, you can buy animals like goat, cow, pig, hen and raise them to collect your dairy products and eggs. Which is used to make different dishes and can also be sold to the people around the world. This way, you can also buy items from people whenever you need any. The game also allows us to create clans and add other players into our clan to complete tasks together and make our clan ranking at the top. Hay Day is a interactive game, that makes us interact with players playing from different parts of the earth.
  5. 8 Ball Pool
    8 Ball Pool is a indoor sports, which can now played in your smartphone. We can connect our Facebook account with it and invite our friends to play against us. The game has many variety of tournaments, where group of players participate and gets eliminated one by one as a knockout match. Finally 2 contestants compete with each other and the winner gets the overall price money collected from each player. There are different types of cue sticks, each stick has a different character that helps boosting a player’s accuracy and increasing the speed of his strike. 8 Ball Pool is a very good on the go game, while traveling with friends and family members.

Beside of this 5 best multiplayer games I have to include one of the best solo games of this year with 10,000,000 – 50,000,000 installs according to Google Play. 

This is the best words puzzle game and its name is Word Cookies. The game is created by BitMango! Word Cookies is a very fun and free puzzle game. You have to reveal hidden words from hundreds of categories. Best of all for people like cheating there are a lot of websites like wordcookieanswer.com, that have all answers for every level of word cookies game.
You can improve your vocabulary and spelling skills while playing this game specially when English is not your native language.

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